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New collar, new palm, new selfie stick

Eryn was right, and I was wrong. Arcades are fun with a broken elbow.

I was really convinced I wasn’t going to be able to do anything, but it turned out the only thing I couldn’t do was pinball. In fact, Eryn and I had a record day with more than 1,000 tickets!

Which means we finally earned the 900 required to win the fabled selfie stick!!!!!! Yay!!! This was months in the making.

Look at all that beach. You just don’t get that with a normal selfie.

Other really great things that happened yesterday: Eryn surprised me with a giant palm tree after listening to me talk about digging one up and stealing it every single time we drive around. Apparently, she did not think that was a good idea.

And Miss Adeline got her very fancy new collar so no more jingling.

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Mini road trip

Today, Eryn and I took a mini road trip to go see what’s new at anthropologie, grab a lunch (and some deserts) and then bought some plants at our favorite nursery on 30A. The weather was great. The cashier at the garden center was super nice. And it was just fun.

(This post is part of The Crab Project. A document of one good thing a day to stop me from being a crab.)

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This week I…

Worked. This week I worked so much, until 8 p.m. most nights.

Honestly, a bunch of late nights combined with office drama made me pretty grouchy most of the week. I’m still working on not letting what other people are doing or other people’s rule breaking bother me. It’s a lesson I’ve been working on since literally third grade, but there’s still hope right? Right?

I’m going to go with yes. In fact, I found the perfect notebook to record all of work angst, and then let it go. Get ready for a lot of “Idiot, pretentious male coworker did this stupid thing today and was not publicly shamed” entries. Is it possible he’s being shamed via email? Absolutely. Has that historically been enough for me? No, but I’m over it.

Mostly Minted

Anyways, the weekend however has been great. On Saturday, some friends and I went out to hunt for scallops at Port St. Joe. After hours of searching, we only found one living one (Ryan Seascallop) but felt it would be wrong to bring him home. Red tide basically wiped out the scallop population for at least this year. So as Patti put it, “We have to let him reproduce so we can eat his kids.”

Port St Joe @patti_blake

The weather was spectacular. And we swam/kayaked/floated our way out to this “island.” The photo (taken by Patti) shows a very small fraction of the number of pelicans that were hanging out.

Then, on Sunday Eryn and I headed over to the 30A Farmers Market. It is so cute, and oh my goodness the free samples are amazing. I have finally found a hummus as good as Trader Joe’s, and I have really missed good hummus. There were also macarons, which is always a win, and a bunch of cute shops. I got my mom’s christmas present as well as the notebook.

Plus, I’ve been stitching away on my We Make Collective kit. Here’s the first thing I’ve finished.

Embroidery | Mostly Minted

Have a good week!



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This week I

Hello hello,

Every now and again, I have dreams of being a “good blogger” a.k.a. one of those people who is essentially publishing a mini magazine with really great photos and DIY daily.  But I’m just not that person (right now), and that’s okay too. I don’t feel like being upset with myself over something that is supposed to be fun.

So here’s what, I’ve been up to…

Providence State Park, GA | Mostly Minted

After coming up with a bad case of wanderlust, I convinced Eryn to drive up to Georgia (six hours round trip) to go hiking in Providence Canyon State Park. The hiking was really easy because you just drop down into the canyon, wander through all the different branches, then walk back up. We saw one person doing it in flip flops. It’s that easy.

The clay though did stain Addie’s white fur. One bath in and she’s still a little discolored.

Addie | Mostly Minted

That’s my girl.

I also went to the beach a couple times after work. After spending too much time on Pinterest, I was inspired to hand stands in the waves. This (predictably) resulted in my smashing my face into the bottom after said waves caught me off guard. I have had essentially floor burn on my face all week as a result. It looked real attractive.

On the flip side, there were dolphins. It’s a give and take.

PCB St. Andrews State Park | MostlyMinted.com

Then of course there have been plenty of Olympics, and I’m starting to get into embroidery. Let me know if you have any ideas about what to make with all my cool stuff. We Make Collective | MostlyMinted.com



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DIY String Shelf

Recently, I was looking through my pins and realized I was pinning a lot of pictures of shelves over beds. Mostly, I think I liked the addition of plants.

The area over my bed has been basically a blank wall since I moved in last November. I don’t even use a head board.So when I saw the theme, I thought I could do that. My first trip was to Target, but all of the shelves were about $30 and not quite what I was looking for.

So, of course, I decided to DIY it. This shelf took less than a half hour to make and cost only about $12, plus you’ll have some extra materials.        String Shelf | Mostly Minted

Here’s what you need:

  • A 1 by 6 board (I went with pine and had the guy at Home Depot cut it in half)
  • Suede lacing (or different rope, as long as it can hold the weight)
  • Drill
  • Sewing needle + a bit of thread.
  • 2 hooks

So here’s what you do:

1. Measure where you want the holes to be. Mine are 2 inches in from the sides, 3/4 inches from the front, and a half inch from the back.

2. Drill your holes. You want them to be as close to the size of the lace you are using as possible.

3. Put your lacing through the holes. To make it easier, I used the needle and thread. I put a stitch into the suede lacing and then let the remaining needle and thread hang off. I used this lead to make it easier to squeeze the lacing through the holes. Tie a basic knot to secure it.

4. Put your hooks into the wall.

5. Hang it up.


Sting Shelf | Mostly Minted

String Shelf| Mostly Minted

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I miss the mountains

Yellowstone | Mostly Minted


For a long time, I wondered if I was a mountains girl or an oceans girl.

Now that I live 20 minutes from literally some of the best beaches in the county (I’m talking white sand, emerald green water) I think I can safely say I am a mountains girl.

There’s this feeling you get when you are at the top of a mountain, and you look down and everything is small. You feel wild, untouchable and free with a heavy dose of accomplishment. It’s this untamed beauty that leaves you with the most wonderful sense of perspective.

Grand Tetons | Mostly MintedSometimes they make you feel big. Sometimes they make you feel small (in the good way). But either way, they leave you with a certain feeling of rightness.

Every summer, I end up missing the mountain in New Mexico and listening to campfire music while looking out over the plains. While Philmont overall wasn’t always sunshine, those are some of my fondest memories. I still listen to an audio recording I made sometimes.

I’m hoping to be able to get back up to New England this fall and do at least a little bit of hiking. I’m sure I will complain nearly my entire way up the mountain, but the view at the top will be worth it.




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Thrift Store Art Revamp

Quick story.

While I was on the road trip last fall, one of the places we stopped was a thrift store in Nashville called Old Made Good. It’s a super cool store, where the people are giving their old things, new life my giving them a little tweak. Check out their store here.

One of the things I loved the most was the art. They were taking old school painting and collaging over them to give them a modern edge. I bought one, but I also left thinking “hey, I could totally do that.”

Which brings me to today. I was at this big estate sale with Eryn (the house hadn’t been opened since the 1980s) and she spotted this painting.



Being a fall baby, she fell head over heels for it, but was wondering if I could update it. So I instantly flashed back to the Old Made Good painting and said I could make it cool.

Because I wanted to make sure it actually looked nice, I opted to print out a template “wander” and then very carefully cut it out. I then traced it right onto the canvas, and filled it in with black craft paint.

Revamped Thrift Store Art | Mostly Minted

And it was that easy!

Painted thrift store art | Mostly Minted

DIY Thirft store art |Mostly Minted



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Hike on: Garden of Eden Trail in Bristol

My main gripe with hiking in the Florida panhandle is that the landscape doesn’t seem to change much. It’s very flat, often wet and devoid of the views you get hiking in New England mountains.

However, the Garden of Eden trail in Bristol is everything a hike is suppose to be. There are steep uphills and downhills, plenty of flat stretches to catch your breath on, varying landscape a great view of the Apalachicola River at the end. Eryn and I loved it.           DSC_0120


The trail is a little over three miles long, and whoever was given the task of blazing the trail took the job seriously. You can usually see three orange blazes at a time, and even if the blazes weren’t there the trail is so well beaten it would be hard to get lost except for at a couple of intersections.

Garden of Eden Trail, FL | Mostly Minted


For the first part of the trail, you hike on a sand path through a meadow with a lot of lizards and some wild flowers. This part is quick, and there is a working water fountain if you want to fill up. Then you head into the woods (bring bug spray) where there is a quick descent, a quick climb and then you walk on a little ridge line for awhile. This is all shaded by trees.

Florida Hiking | Mostly Minted


Then there is another down, and another up in the woods. Not long after that, you come out into a meadow where there have clearly been some controlled burns and more lizards. After a short stretch there, you get to the loop part of the trail, which is where the views of the river are. There are also a bunch of trees with name plated to look out for. The wild olive tree was my favorite.

Garden of Eden trail |Mostly Minted

Florida Hiking | Mostly Minted

Apalachicola River | Mostly Minted

I did the hike in Toms, because I forgot to change my shoes before I left the house. It was mostly okay, but a bit slippery on the downhills so I would recommend up wearing sneakers.  The hike takes about two hours. Have fun!Garden of Eden Trail

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How do you make non-work friends as an adult?

Okay, how do you make non-work friends as an adult?

Since graduating college, I have made all of my friends through work, which is good but I’m jealous of people who have non-work friends. How did they meet people? Did they talk to strangers? Meet them online first? Get a little too drunk (or maybe just drunk enough) at a bar?

I’ve decided to try the website meetup.com as well as a handful of other more old fashioned ways. I’m thinking about trying the free ukulele classes at the library, maybe trying a book club and trying to convince work friends to introduce me to their other friends.


So far, I’ve signed up for “The Coastal Crew” which describes itself as adventures, a yoga group and a mediation group. My goal is to go to one event from each thing this month and see how it goes.

P.S. I already went to one of the ukulele lessons but had to leave early. I’m now thinking about buying a concert ukulele.

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May Day Brunch



I’m so very excited about this. Literally dancing around my front yard excited.

For the first time every, I did May Day, and it was every bit as great as it seems.

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

I am a spring kid. Back when I lived up North, I waited all winter for the moment when the first flower bloomed and we could all go outside again. Now, that I am in Florida, I can go outside all year, but I still love Spring.

May Day was sort of a bucket list activity, and then my mom sent me a care package that includes streamers and a note being like “Why don’t you have a May Day Party?”

One week later, I am at Home Depot buying a 10-foot pole so I can be all like…

May Day Party | MostlyMinted.com

Totally worth it.

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

The pole was actually pretty easy to set up. A created a wire ring at the top that I attached all the ribbons to the night before. Then, I happened to have a piece hollow bamboo on had that I stuck in the ground. I inserted the pole into that, added some dirt in the bamboo to make it a little more stable and then I was good to go.

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

I’m pretty in love with how it turned out.

May Day Party | MostlyMinted.com

And of course, because it is a brunch there was plenty of food. We had a quiche, potatoes, coconut creme pie, fruit waffles, sweet potato waffles, five cup fruit salad and a blueberry crumble. Plus champagne (side note: I really think day drinking is more fun than night drinking).


May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com


Eryn slaving over the berries for the waffles.

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com


The whole thing was super fun. We each walked (danced) .3 miles around the pole before we got the streamers all wrapped up. We weaved in and out, and twirled. I’m sure the neighbors thought we were a little crazy and maybe pagans, but I think it is good to keep people guessing. I would rather be a little wild than small.

Plus, life is prettier with flower crowns and streamers.


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