The saga of the fair fish

One of my greatest childhood memories is the time my parents spent at least $50 on ping pong balls at the Columbia County Fair.

Those little bouncing balls were the ticket to winning goldfish. All you had to do was get out of land in the mini goldfish balls of colored water – something my brother was really good at and I felt like I was good at just because I was with him. And for some reason, this one year and this one year only, my parents caved, and bought us what seemed like an endless supply of ping pong balls.

We one something like 20 goldfish that year.

I have a hazy memory of the shouts of job every time we got a ball in bowls, but what I remember most clearly is the true comedy of trying to find a place to put 20 something unexpected goldfish.

There was a tank that was only a little leaky – that was good for at least three goldfish. Another tank that had been for the gobies that didn’t live to make it under the Christmas tree – another three.  A glass goldfish bowl good for at least two. And then the trifle bowl. And then a set of class canisters meant for flour and sugar, but just fine for goldfish in a pinch.

Everywhere you looked, there were goldfish.

With the memory in mind, there was only one game I really, really wanted to play when Eryn and I went to the fair. And it was the only game she didn’t really want to play.

“You aren’t really going to win a goldfish are you? What about a lizard? Or a hermit crab? Go for the hermit crab?”

Sparing her the stories of the hermit crab graveyard in my backyard, when it came time though Eryn surprised me bought the 100 ping balls for $10, instead of the 40 for $5. And boom, I was right back at the Columbia County fair. This was everything.

Eryn was not as good as my brother at this game (something I suspect might be intentional) and was insistent on trying to win the lizard. Ball after ball, bounced away defeated. Five-year-olds were easily out performing us.

But then, on the very last ball, on my very last throw, right when Eryn thought she was safe, it landed in a red goldfish bowl.


Mission accomplished.

For the next hour or two, Eryn kept asking, are you really going to keep that fish? Why don’t you give to a child? Isn’t it a little inhumane? What about the cats?

But when the time came to leave, the fair fish was in the car with us.



Fair fish though are the most problematic of all fish (except maybe birthday party favor fish, which I have heard of). You are not ready. You are never ready for a fair fish.

Such was the case, for this fair fish. The fish bowl had a plant in it, and coming home at 10 p.m. I was not dealing with that. So instead, the fish into a mason jar – with its weirdly dyed blue water – and up onto the mantle.

It was about 9 a.m. when I realized how right Eryn was, when I walked in the front door to this.

Note the fish’s horrified expression.

Mama cat was beyond obsessed. I’d take her down. She’d go back up. I’d take her down again. She’d find a new way up. And so on, and so on.

The fish was moved to the kitchen on the oven, not a place Mama cat usually goes. Then, I got it a real bowl.

But alas, the stress of the whole ordeal from fair to cat was too much for fair fish. And like so many of the fair fish from the glorious day in Columbia County, by the time I got back with fish food (instead of the crackers crumbs I’d been tossing in), fair fish was dead.

As my mother texted me “best not to get too attached to fair fish.”

Even so, they continue to make the best stories. Rest in peace fair fish. It was a lot.



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May Day Pole DIY

So last year, if you remember, I had a May Day Brunch and it was so MUCH. FUN.

I can’t even.

So if you would like to have your own May Day Party this year, I though I would tell you really quickly how I put that pole together. May Day Party | MostlyMinted.com

It was actually really easy.

Here’s what you need:

  • Crepe Paper in a bunch of colors ($1 at the Dollar Store)
  • 10 ft copper pole from Home Depot (about $10)
  • Wire
  • Drill and Bit
  • Tape
  • Tiki Torch holder

The whole thing ended up costing me about $15 to make, which I think is pretty reasonable.

DIY May Pole |MostlyMinted.com

Okay, so the here’s how you do it.

  1. Drill a hole through the top of your copper pipe. The metal is pretty soft so just apply a slow steady pressure and it went right through for me.
  2. Bend you wire into a crown like shape, the same way you would to make a flower crown. Then using the same length of wire create a cross section the can go through the hole and attach to the opposite side of the pole. DIY May Pole |MostlyMinted.com
  3. Measure out pieces of crepe paper that are about twice the size of the pole (20 ft) and start taping to the wire. Until you have as many streamers as you want. I did 10 because five people were coming. DIY May Pole |MostlyMinted.com
  4. Store the pole inside until day of. It’s only crepe paper so you don’t want it to get wet or spend too much time out in the wind. Then move it outside.DIY May Pole |MostlyMinted.comDIY May Pole |MostlyMinted.com
  5. To stake it into the ground, you are going to want to have your tiki torch holder already in place, and then put the pole into it. I put about 6 inches of the pole into the ground and that was good enough to hold it.

And that’s it! You are ready to twirl and feel a little bit like a pagan or a fairy. It took about an hour to get everything together. Have fun!

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

May Day Party | MostlyMinted.com

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Goodby to you

This good thing sounds a little mean but… My neighbors are moving!!!!

In my defense these are bad neighbors. The kind of neighbors that drunkenly show up by your porch wanting to talk. The kind that repeatedly call the cops on each other. The kind with a small yappy dog that won’t stay in their house or stop barking. The kind you are constantly wondering if they are dealing weed.

But the Uhaul was here, just about everything was loaded inside and I am now looking forward to spring and summer nights on my porch.


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New collar, new palm, new selfie stick

Eryn was right, and I was wrong. Arcades are fun with a broken elbow.

I was really convinced I wasn’t going to be able to do anything, but it turned out the only thing I couldn’t do was pinball. In fact, Eryn and I had a record day with more than 1,000 tickets!

Which means we finally earned the 900 required to win the fabled selfie stick!!!!!! Yay!!! This was months in the making.

Look at all that beach. You just don’t get that with a normal selfie.

Other really great things that happened yesterday: Eryn surprised me with a giant palm tree after listening to me talk about digging one up and stealing it every single time we drive around. Apparently, she did not think that was a good idea.

And Miss Adeline got her very fancy new collar so no more jingling.

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This week I

Hello hello,

Every now and again, I have dreams of being a “good blogger” a.k.a. one of those people who is essentially publishing a mini magazine with really great photos and DIY daily.  But I’m just not that person (right now), and that’s okay too. I don’t feel like being upset with myself over something that is supposed to be fun.

So here’s what, I’ve been up to…

Providence State Park, GA | Mostly Minted

After coming up with a bad case of wanderlust, I convinced Eryn to drive up to Georgia (six hours round trip) to go hiking in Providence Canyon State Park. The hiking was really easy because you just drop down into the canyon, wander through all the different branches, then walk back up. We saw one person doing it in flip flops. It’s that easy.

The clay though did stain Addie’s white fur. One bath in and she’s still a little discolored.

Addie | Mostly Minted

That’s my girl.

I also went to the beach a couple times after work. After spending too much time on Pinterest, I was inspired to hand stands in the waves. This (predictably) resulted in my smashing my face into the bottom after said waves caught me off guard. I have had essentially floor burn on my face all week as a result. It looked real attractive.

On the flip side, there were dolphins. It’s a give and take.

PCB St. Andrews State Park | MostlyMinted.com

Then of course there have been plenty of Olympics, and I’m starting to get into embroidery. Let me know if you have any ideas about what to make with all my cool stuff. We Make Collective | MostlyMinted.com



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May Day Brunch



I’m so very excited about this. Literally dancing around my front yard excited.

For the first time every, I did May Day, and it was every bit as great as it seems.

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

I am a spring kid. Back when I lived up North, I waited all winter for the moment when the first flower bloomed and we could all go outside again. Now, that I am in Florida, I can go outside all year, but I still love Spring.

May Day was sort of a bucket list activity, and then my mom sent me a care package that includes streamers and a note being like “Why don’t you have a May Day Party?”

One week later, I am at Home Depot buying a 10-foot pole so I can be all like…

May Day Party | MostlyMinted.com

Totally worth it.

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

The pole was actually pretty easy to set up. A created a wire ring at the top that I attached all the ribbons to the night before. Then, I happened to have a piece hollow bamboo on had that I stuck in the ground. I inserted the pole into that, added some dirt in the bamboo to make it a little more stable and then I was good to go.

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com

I’m pretty in love with how it turned out.

May Day Party | MostlyMinted.com

And of course, because it is a brunch there was plenty of food. We had a quiche, potatoes, coconut creme pie, fruit waffles, sweet potato waffles, five cup fruit salad and a blueberry crumble. Plus champagne (side note: I really think day drinking is more fun than night drinking).


May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com


Eryn slaving over the berries for the waffles.

May Day Brunch | MostlyMinted.com


The whole thing was super fun. We each walked (danced) .3 miles around the pole before we got the streamers all wrapped up. We weaved in and out, and twirled. I’m sure the neighbors thought we were a little crazy and maybe pagans, but I think it is good to keep people guessing. I would rather be a little wild than small.

Plus, life is prettier with flower crowns and streamers.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

In some ways, this has been one of my most difficult years. In other ways, it’s been one of my very best years. Life is funny like that.

Happy thanksgiving

I just wanted to take some time to make a list of some of the things I am thankful for this year.

1. My family – I needed a lot of help these past few months, and they were there every step of the way. Now that I am on the other side of the country, they are still making sure I’m not left out. Case in point, this super adorable Thanksgiving banner with turkey handprints and a list of things they are thankful for. I cried when I got it in the mail it’s so sweet.

Processed with VSCO

2. Adeline – This little cocker spaniel is one of the best things to have entered my life. Even when she’s being bad, I think she’s adorable. Her temperament is exactly matched to mine, she barley sheds, and she will almost always cuddle. She’s fantastic.


3. Eryn! – I managed to talk the girl into quitting her job, going on a road trip with a vague plan for the future, and then move to Florida with me. She’s been there for just about every bad day, and she’s just wonderful.


4. Lyndsay Dean – It was so utterly wonderful to go to Denver and Yellowstone and spend time with Lyndsay Dean this year. I missed her so much, and she truly is this wonderful, beautiful gem of a person. Bonus points, we saw bison cross the road, elk, a gizzly bear, a bald eagle and a wolf at Yellowstone all in one day.


5. Employment – The crazy road trip thing did successfully lead to a job (thank you universe), which was excellent. I’m also however super thankful for my time working at the Gardner News.

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DIY Triangle Statement Wall

This. statement. wall. is. everything.

DIY Statement Wall

It literally pulls together the whole house. I smile every time I walk in the door and see all those little triangles.

Originally, I had thought about stenciling the wall, but thought better of it. One wrong mark with black paint seemed like a lot of heart ache to clean up. I spent a little time on Pinterest and realized contact paper was the solution I was looking for.

Processed with VSCO

As it turned out this was pretty easy to put together. For $8 I was able to get roll of contact paper that came with handy dandy graph paper on the back.

To make the wall I cut out about 60 triangles that were three inches wide and two inches long.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

While I was cutting them out, Eryn (because whenever I do a craft Eryn is around) was tracing out level lines on the wall.

Processed with VSCO

The trick for it looking good was to make sure it was random, which sounds easy but it actually rather difficult. The key was to try to make sure we weren’t accidentally creating any horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

I think the end result is lovely.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

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5 Ways to Style Short Hair

I have dreams of long, wavy hair. The type of hair you see in hipster feed on Instagram with the #authentic.

Unfortunately, the hairdresser who does $15 haircuts does not share that vision. She believes in cutting off the hair I did grow, putting me back an estimated year and a half in growth. I was not pleased with Great Clips, not even a little. It was not a great clip.

So I did what anyone with a bad haircut would do: I turned to Pinterest. Here’s five styles I found.

styled short hair
Found here. Note this link goes back to Pinterest and the pin doesn’t direct to a working blog, but the hair is still cool.

styles short hair 2
Found here.

styles short hair 3
Found here.

styles short hair1
Found here. Also this whole blog is super cute.

styled short hair 4
Found here.

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Macrame Air Plant Holder

Hi People!

It’s air plant week in celebration of my new Air Plants I bought at Brimfield (objectively the best flea market in New England).

Today, we are talking about what to ‘plant’ the kiddos in. Now, as the name suggests, they don’t need dirt. Instead, they feed off of dust and water. A popular way to display them is in handing glass jars, although the vendor I bought my plants from recommended against that. He said they like to have more air than they can get in the glass container, however based on my reading that seems conservative.

For my plants, I made some macrame holders, and you can to.

For supplies you need: string, wooden beads, a nail to hang it on the wall and help push the sting through the beads


To start, fold the three string in half tie a simple loop knot. Then string the beads onto two of the strings. Tie a knot under the bead to keep it from sliding. Repeat until it looks like so:


Then create another row of beads. Making this pattern.


When that’s done, tie a simple knot at the end holding everything together like a little net.


Then add your air plant and you are good to go.


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