This week I am…

Okay, so by this week what I really mean is these past two weeks because life happens. But that just makes this post all the more interesting so here we go.

Adventuring to

The Seacrest Wolf Preserve where you can pet pure bred wolves! I am pretty sure they are the only place in the county that allow that and they just happen to be about an hour from Panama City. Eryn and I have been meaning to go for over a year.

They have a strange rule that you can only bring disposable cameras in so CVS has informed me it will be up to 14 days before I have pictures. But in the mean time, here is one of me and Buttercup the skunk. I did not realize skunks had such cute faces.

Getting Fancy For

All the girls in the office went out for a Ladies Night cocktail party last weekend, which of course triggered the “what the heck do I wear for this” question. I went shopping, nothing spoke to me so I ended up wearing a dress I wear to work all the time. But I made it “fancy” with a fake pearl headband I stole from my sister at least a decade ago. This headband – with an elastic band so stretched out it has to be bobby pinned in – is my go to fancy trick. You can see it documented in photos of several other events like this one, but IT WORKS. People always compliment despite the fact I am pretty sure it came from Claires.

The doll cannot be explained.


Argentinian Food! Eryn and I attended a cooking class and learned how to make some very cheesy crepes. They were very good and so rich. And because Eryn is drawn like a moth to light by any sort of product placement, she spent the whole time making a list of kitchen gadgets to stuff my place with.


I’m late to the party on his one, but Hillbilly Elegy. So if you haven’t heard this from 500 people yet, it’s a great read. I learned so much not only about Hillbilly culture, but also about my parents. And while I will always be a true blue democrat, I have a far better appreciation for the Republican mantra of personal responsibility and how that has to be a part of the dialogue.

Binge watching

Queer Eye. I never watched the originals but guys this show is the best. It’s basically feminism for men. Like this show is all the proof you need the men need feminism as much as women do because all these men need to turn their lives around is a small dose of things usually thought of as “female.” Rock that face mask. Care about your clothing. Spend some time designing your house. Have heart to heart conversations. It’s A+.

It has also inspired Eryn to start her own Amazon wishlist of Queer Eye product placement. If anyone wants to send us a $300 Roomba, let me know.

Heading outside to

Kayak! Still inspired by Pocahontas, Eryn and I had a blast kayaking and looking for shells last week at Camp Helen State Park.

We’ve gotten much better at using our two person inflatable kayak, though we still get a lot of strange looks.

And now it’s off to the next round of adventures.

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5 Ways to Style Short Hair

I have dreams of long, wavy hair. The type of hair you see in hipster feed on Instagram with the #authentic.

Unfortunately, the hairdresser who does $15 haircuts does not share that vision. She believes in cutting off the hair I did grow, putting me back an estimated year and a half in growth. I was not pleased with Great Clips, not even a little. It was not a great clip.

So I did what anyone with a bad haircut would do: I turned to Pinterest. Here’s five styles I found.

styled short hair
Found here. Note this link goes back to Pinterest and the pin doesn’t direct to a working blog, but the hair is still cool.

styles short hair 2
Found here.

styles short hair 3
Found here.

styles short hair1
Found here. Also this whole blog is super cute.

styled short hair 4
Found here.

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Well that’s embarrassing: My Craig’s List Blunder

Do you ever do something and then instantly know that was a bad idea?

Yeah. That was me earlier today.

The credenza in question

The credenza in question

I have been desperately trying to sell a credenza on Craig’s List as part of my break up move out (you just don’t throw away vintage. It’s a crime). A few days ago, I had a buyer all lined up and then the ex just screwed it up royally. It was unfortunate.

So after sending a profuse apology to buyer 1 and not hearing back from her I reposted it. Then buyer 1 said she still “wanted to look at it” and I said okay. However, we never arranged a time.

In the meantime, another person sent me her phone number and said she definitely would want to buy it and could pick it up that day. I knew it was wrong to screw buyer 1 over a second time, but buyer 2 was a sure thing so I went for it and then broke the bad news to buyer 1.

Buyer 1 — who then said she definitely would have bought it — was not pleased with me, and I feel bad.

Right after it happened, it quickly dawned on me what I should have done. I should have told buyer 1 about buyer 2, and asked her if she was serious about buying it or if I should go with buyer 2. That would have been the best way to clarify the situation and not screw anyone over.

Live and you learn.

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Air Plant Week! How to care for your air plants


I picked up four new air plants at Brimfield Flea Market last week, bringing my total up to seven air babies. They are lovely.

Air Baby

In honor of my new babies, I though I would share some tips about how to how to care for them, as dictated to me by the seller “Mother Nature’s Gifts.”

– Once a week submerge the plants in water for 10 minutes.

– In between soaks, spray the kiddos down with a spray bottle. I picked up one for 92 cents at Walmart.

-If the leaves start to curl in, it means they want more water.

– If you want to give them a fertilizer use either orchid food or Peter’s All Purpose at half strength. They recommended staying away from miracle grow.

– They prefer bright light all day, but will settle for a few hours of sun in the morning or afternoon.

– After the plants flower, they will make little air plant babies. Typically, one to eight new growths will sprout off the plant. Once they get to half the size of the original plant, you can clip them off and let them start their own lives.

Hope this helps!



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Brimfield Flea Market

While shopping at Brimfield Antique Market this year, my mother and I cam up with a new slogan for the affair after watching a lady walk down the street cradling a mermaid statue in her arms.

“Anything’s possible here. Buy what you love.”

I mean, where else can you find this?


Three times a summer, the otherwise sleepy farm town of Brimfield transforms itself into what is most likely the biggest flea market in New England. It’s known to be frequented by people like Martha Stewart and art directors for just about every show on television, the city people coming in from Boston and New York City looking for a deal, and then just about everybody else in the area.

I’ve gone at least once a year since middle school. When I was a kid, I stuck to the $1 to $15 jewelry, amassing quite a collection of cameos I never wore. Now, I’m in it for the big stuff. My best find to date is my kitchen table, a white, vintage tulip table I grabbed for $45. It’s one of my prized possessions.

At the first show of the year, I stuck to smaller things: a few air plants (4 for $10), a new bedspread (gifted from mumsie – thank you!) and an embroidered hand towel ($3).





Here’s a look at some of the other cool booths that were floating around this market….

This booth was super well styles and these rugs were too cute.



They day after Brimfield, I saw someone post on Instagram talking about how they wished they had bought this top globe.

This booth was so cool. It wasn’t all vintage, but everything was so well styled you almost didn’t care. The people running it had that laid back, tattooed vibe
traveling spectacular



There was a lot (like a lot) of mid century modern stuff floating around, not that I’m complaining. These chairs were a really unique twist on the trend. The sellers had reupholstered the classic shape, and they were just really interesting to look at.


The of course there was the mish mash of other stuff.




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10 Free Downloads for Your Gallery Wall

10 gallery wall downloads

While it is rather easy to find fun quotes for a gallery wall, today I learned it is far, far harder to find free, downloadable images. So here’s a wrap up of my top 10 favorites from around the web.

To find them go to:

1. Ampersand from Smitten on Paper

2. Best Friends by the Weaver House for Design Love Fest

3. Feather Prints from Oh So Lovely

4. Pineapple from Oh So Lovely

5. I like boring things from A Beautiful Mess

6. Deer from Oh So Lovely

7. Compass from the Graphic’s Fairy

8. Running on the Beach by Max Wanger for Design Love Fest

9. Popsicles by Julie Song for Design Love Fest

10. Florals by Julie Song for Design Love Fest

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Hi There!

Fancy CandleSo if you are looking at this page, right now, on day one, you will notice that it is a mess. There’s just nothing pretty about it.

But don’t worry. I am basically giving myself a crash course in how to make things look pretty. We are talking a little bit of CSS coding, a refresher on copy right law and a heck of a lot of Pintrest.

In the meantime, isn’t this candle pretty? I finally got around to using a Williams & Sonoma gift card. It smells nice and clean too.

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