10 Free Downloads for Your Gallery Wall

10 gallery wall downloads

While it is rather easy to find fun quotes for a gallery wall, today I learned it is far, far harder to find free, downloadable images. So here’s a wrap up of my top 10 favorites from around the web.

To find them go to:

1. Ampersand from Smitten on Paper

2. Best Friends by the Weaver House for Design Love Fest

3. Feather Prints from Oh So Lovely

4. Pineapple from Oh So Lovely

5. I like boring things from A Beautiful Mess

6. Deer from Oh So Lovely

7. Compass from the Graphic’s Fairy

8. Running on the Beach by Max Wanger for Design Love Fest

9. Popsicles by Julie Song for Design Love Fest

10. Florals by Julie Song for Design Love Fest

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DIY: Anthropologie Inspired PomPom Curtains

Like so many people, I have an Anthropologie problem: I love just about everything they make, but can’t afford it.

Such was the tale of these curtains.

Photo from Anthropologie website.

Photo from Anthropologie website.

See, I was in need of curtains for my closet. In a moment of pure frustration, I had ordered my boyfriend to take the doors off my closet. My closet had those sort of folding doors that jut out from the wall, and — due to some not so well thought out architecture —in front of both the bedroom door and bathroom door when open.

My crisis situation

My crisis situation

Which brings us back to the curtains. Due to the harvest yellow color of my bathroom, I decided I wanted the hallway to remain all white, but I wanted the pompom detail. This is what I did (with the help of my mother):

1. 2 Cheap Floor Length (i.e. 84 in) curtains from K-MART $9 a piece
2. 8 yards of white pompom trim from Joann Fabrics (it was on sale and in stock)
3. A sewing machine with white thread


From there, my mother just aligned the trim with the edge of the curtains, and carefully sewed it to the edge of the curtain. It took her about 15 minutes to do each curtain since it was just a straight line. She didn’t even use pins. She’s a champ like that.

She's so good she doesn't even need pins

She’s so good she doesn’t even need pins

From there, all I had to do was hang them when I arrived back at my apartment.


IMG_20150119_220523901 (1)

Hanging curtains

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Prickly Pig + Tips for Planting Cacti

My grandfather at the age of 86 has finally — after years and years of my mother asking — decided to move out of his house and into my parent’s house. This is a giant relief for many, many reasons.

It also means it is time to clean out his house, an old victorian that has stayed in the family for generation (we are talking more than 100 years) plus a barn. Both these space are full of stuff, neither of these places have ever been cleaned out. So far I’ve found three bowling balls, at least a half dozen tables I did not know existed, a vintage juicer and so many mouse nests.

There’s a lot of junk, but mixed in with it you’ll find a little treasurer here and there. For example, mixed in with the politically incorrect planters and ceramics-gone-wrong projects of the 80s, I found this little guy.

Prickly Pig

I call him prickly pig. The smile is pretty happy, but those eyebrows suggest something slightly more menacing. Hence, the prickly.

Not feeling very creative, I decided to give him a cactus for a back.

A prickly bag for a prickly pig

Some tips for someone looking to plant a cactus.

1. Wear gloves. Those needles hurt when you prick yourself.

2. Have toothpicks or tweezers on hand to pick the dirt out from between the needles. Since cactus use this big chunky dirt to help with the drainage, some of it is bound to get stuck in the needles.

3. Use a popsicle stick, a pencil, really anything long and narrow to help push the dirt into the pot. Especially if it is oddly shaped like this one.

Now, where to put him is the next question.


And if you were wondering, that yellow cloth — also from my grandfather’s house. Oh, and there are way, way more of these little pots.

Shelves of pots

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