This week I…

Actually, a more accurate title would be these past two weeks, but that doesn’t sound as good. But here’s what I’ve been up to.

Daytripping to: 

Wakulla Springs and Apalachicola on one day and then out to 30A to ride bikes on another. It’s been nice cool weather to get outside and do a little exploring/visiting of some favorite haunts outside of Panama City.

That’s a baby gator on the alligator’s tail. Apparently the mom will protect the little gators for the first two years and in the next picture get ready to see a baby manateee. As Eryn says the Wakulla boat tour is the best $8 you can spend.


Then 30A is the best place to ride to bikes. As Eryn says (again) you are punished for having a car. Also the window shopping is great a.k.a. Expensive and tempting.


Eryn and I are really trying to eat healthier, which means I have mostly reverted back to a diet of avocados. But, we did cheat when we were at 30A and had the best donuts of our lives. I had the Emerald Coast, which was a coconut donut that managed to not be too sweet (a feat when you consider how much sugar seems to go into all Southern baking) and Eryn had a raspberry cheesecake donut. Look how cute it was.


I’ve been really, really stressed out at work for a lot of reasons. Some my fault, some not so much. But as part of the all important effort to calm the fuck down, I’ve bought myself some new books and a couple (well kind of a lot) of plants).


The Olympics, of course. I love hearing the athletes back stories and I root for literally everyone.

I also binge watched Grace and Frankie the other week, because I adore how they portray getting old. Sure, there are real issues, but it’s not the end of the world.

And Eryn and I are slowly watching One Day at a Time. They did such a good job casting a diverse group, and the writers do an excellent job of showing differing viewpoints without making anyone a jerk.

Note, I pretty much exclusively watch shows where I think everyone is trying to be a good person. It’s a dealbreaker for me.

Excited about

I ran 5 miles on the elliptical the other day and lasted a little over 40 minutes. I’m training to do a 5K in a month so I need to build up my endurance.


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Mini road trip

Today, Eryn and I took a mini road trip to go see what’s new at anthropologie, grab a lunch (and some deserts) and then bought some plants at our favorite nursery on 30A. The weather was great. The cashier at the garden center was super nice. And it was just fun.

(This post is part of The Crab Project. A document of one good thing a day to stop me from being a crab.)

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I miss the mountains

Yellowstone | Mostly Minted


For a long time, I wondered if I was a mountains girl or an oceans girl.

Now that I live 20 minutes from literally some of the best beaches in the county (I’m talking white sand, emerald green water) I think I can safely say I am a mountains girl.

There’s this feeling you get when you are at the top of a mountain, and you look down and everything is small. You feel wild, untouchable and free with a heavy dose of accomplishment. It’s this untamed beauty that leaves you with the most wonderful sense of perspective.

Grand Tetons | Mostly MintedSometimes they make you feel big. Sometimes they make you feel small (in the good way). But either way, they leave you with a certain feeling of rightness.

Every summer, I end up missing the mountain in New Mexico and listening to campfire music while looking out over the plains. While Philmont overall wasn’t always sunshine, those are some of my fondest memories. I still listen to an audio recording I made sometimes.

I’m hoping to be able to get back up to New England this fall and do at least a little bit of hiking. I’m sure I will complain nearly my entire way up the mountain, but the view at the top will be worth it.




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Hike on: Garden of Eden Trail in Bristol

My main gripe with hiking in the Florida panhandle is that the landscape doesn’t seem to change much. It’s very flat, often wet and devoid of the views you get hiking in New England mountains.

However, the Garden of Eden trail in Bristol is everything a hike is suppose to be. There are steep uphills and downhills, plenty of flat stretches to catch your breath on, varying landscape a great view of the Apalachicola River at the end. Eryn and I loved it.           DSC_0120


The trail is a little over three miles long, and whoever was given the task of blazing the trail took the job seriously. You can usually see three orange blazes at a time, and even if the blazes weren’t there the trail is so well beaten it would be hard to get lost except for at a couple of intersections.

Garden of Eden Trail, FL | Mostly Minted


For the first part of the trail, you hike on a sand path through a meadow with a lot of lizards and some wild flowers. This part is quick, and there is a working water fountain if you want to fill up. Then you head into the woods (bring bug spray) where there is a quick descent, a quick climb and then you walk on a little ridge line for awhile. This is all shaded by trees.

Florida Hiking | Mostly Minted


Then there is another down, and another up in the woods. Not long after that, you come out into a meadow where there have clearly been some controlled burns and more lizards. After a short stretch there, you get to the loop part of the trail, which is where the views of the river are. There are also a bunch of trees with name plated to look out for. The wild olive tree was my favorite.

Garden of Eden trail |Mostly Minted

Florida Hiking | Mostly Minted

Apalachicola River | Mostly Minted

I did the hike in Toms, because I forgot to change my shoes before I left the house. It was mostly okay, but a bit slippery on the downhills so I would recommend up wearing sneakers.  The hike takes about two hours. Have fun!Garden of Eden Trail

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5 best podcasts for road trips

Road trips are becoming my jam. It started last month with a road down the eastern seaboard and then back up north, and then this weekend I drove 22 hours (maybe a little more with traffic) as part of my move from Massachusetts to Florida with only my dog for company.

If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that music alone doesn’t cut it with me. Music is entertaining for about an hour, after that is just becomes part of the tedium. It’s doesn’t really hurry the whole trip up.

Podcasts though are great. They are usually between a half hour to an hour long, and are sort of like a television show or a book, just audio. And while I cannot sit on my bed and watch music for 12 hours straight, I can totally read a book or watch a good show for 12 hours straight. Sure, it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but everyone has their guilty pleasures. Plus, I was stuck sitting for 12 hours anyways.

Here were a few of my favorites.

1. Death, Sex and Money


This is a podcast about the things we think about, but generally don’t say out loud. How much money do you make? What’s it like watching someone you love die? Do you deserve your inheritance? Do you resent your siblings? What’s it really like to be a funereal director? A sex worker? The host, Anna Sale, asks all the really blunt questions you’ve probably thought at least one time or another.

2. Mystery Show


In this show, the host Starlee solves a lot of funny mysteries for her friends and some strangers. How tall is a certain celebrity? Why does that vanity plate say “I luv 911”? Starlee is very witty and she throws herself into these things with such a passion that she’s a real joy to listen too.

3. Longform

longform logo

This is a bit of a nerd podcasts. It’s interviews with topnotch longform journalists about how they do what they do. They talk about structuring the stories, the reporting process, how to freelance, how to make money and life. The interviews are about an hour long and I think I listened to six of them in a row.

4. Love + Radio

love + radio

The backbone of this podcast is interesting stories – the memories of a revolutionary in Libya, strange art projects, immersive journalists, con artists, etc. The sorts of things that make a good NPR feature. The difference is they use sound in a really creative way I can’t really explain, so you’ll just have to listen to it.

5. Invisibilia


I didn’t listen to this on my road trips because I had already listened to every episode. However, I think this is one of the smartest, funniest shows around. The people they find to interview are fascinating and the hosts have a great dynamic. It’s about the forces that control human behaviors, like emotions, beliefs and psychology. It’ll make you think.



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A visit with Edith

Sometimes, it’s nice to go on a little day trip to some place inspiring.

The Mount - Edith Wharton

Yesterday, I had the delight of visiting The Mount, the summer home of author Edith Wharton, with my mom and her friend (my second mother). The 107-year-old home was designed by Ms. Wharton, who valued simplicity, symmetry and details.


Plus, she also liked mint paint.

The Mount




















The home was recently restored to recreate the detailed plaster work and thoughtful place settings at her table. Despite the gloomy weather outside, bright light filled the interior, especially the nooks and crannies she liked to write in.

While the home was beautiful, my favorite part was the gardens.

2015-09-30 (1)

Despite it being fall, plenty of plants were still in bloom. Any gardner who can still be tending to waves of color in late September is basically a deity in my opinion.

IMG_0267 copy



IMG_0261 (1)




Who wouldn’t fall in love with a space like that? I spent the whole tour asking my mother if she thought they did weddings and how much it would be. Not that I’m anywhere near that point, but it can’t hurt to have a place in mind. Can it?

On a side note, there was a frog that appeared to be stuck in the little pond. I wanted to rescue it, so I, of course, hand my mother my phone and hop over the little border garden to catch the frog. This concerned one middle aged woman, but not anyone who knew me as I splashed around after it. I did not get the frog, but mumsie did get this picture.

2015-09-30 (2)

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