A visit with Edith

Sometimes, it’s nice to go on a little day trip to some place inspiring.

The Mount - Edith Wharton

Yesterday, I had the delight of visiting The Mount, the summer home of author Edith Wharton, with my mom and her friend (my second mother). The 107-year-old home was designed by Ms. Wharton, who valued simplicity, symmetry and details.


Plus, she also liked mint paint.

The Mount




















The home was recently restored to recreate the detailed plaster work and thoughtful place settings at her table. Despite the gloomy weather outside, bright light filled the interior, especially the nooks and crannies she liked to write in.

While the home was beautiful, my favorite part was the gardens.

2015-09-30 (1)

Despite it being fall, plenty of plants were still in bloom. Any gardner who can still be tending to waves of color in late September is basically a deity in my opinion.

IMG_0267 copy



IMG_0261 (1)




Who wouldn’t fall in love with a space like that? I spent the whole tour asking my mother if she thought they did weddings and how much it would be. Not that I’m anywhere near that point, but it can’t hurt to have a place in mind. Can it?

On a side note, there was a frog that appeared to be stuck in the little pond. I wanted to rescue it, so I, of course, hand my mother my phone and hop over the little border garden to catch the frog. This concerned one middle aged woman, but not anyone who knew me as I splashed around after it. I did not get the frog, but mumsie did get this picture.

2015-09-30 (2)

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