This week I…

Actually, a more accurate title would be these past two weeks, but that doesn’t sound as good. But here’s what I’ve been up to.

Daytripping to: 

Wakulla Springs and Apalachicola on one day and then out to 30A to ride bikes on another. It’s been nice cool weather to get outside and do a little exploring/visiting of some favorite haunts outside of Panama City.

That’s a baby gator on the alligator’s tail. Apparently the mom will protect the little gators for the first two years and in the next picture get ready to see a baby manateee. As Eryn says the Wakulla boat tour is the best $8 you can spend.


Then 30A is the best place to ride to bikes. As Eryn says (again) you are punished for having a car. Also the window shopping is great a.k.a. Expensive and tempting.


Eryn and I are really trying to eat healthier, which means I have mostly reverted back to a diet of avocados. But, we did cheat when we were at 30A and had the best donuts of our lives. I had the Emerald Coast, which was a coconut donut that managed to not be too sweet (a feat when you consider how much sugar seems to go into all Southern baking) and Eryn had a raspberry cheesecake donut. Look how cute it was.


I’ve been really, really stressed out at work for a lot of reasons. Some my fault, some not so much. But as part of the all important effort to calm the fuck down, I’ve bought myself some new books and a couple (well kind of a lot) of plants).


The Olympics, of course. I love hearing the athletes back stories and I root for literally everyone.

I also binge watched Grace and Frankie the other week, because I adore how they portray getting old. Sure, there are real issues, but it’s not the end of the world.

And Eryn and I are slowly watching One Day at a Time. They did such a good job casting a diverse group, and the writers do an excellent job of showing differing viewpoints without making anyone a jerk.

Note, I pretty much exclusively watch shows where I think everyone is trying to be a good person. It’s a dealbreaker for me.

Excited about

I ran 5 miles on the elliptical the other day and lasted a little over 40 minutes. I’m training to do a 5K in a month so I need to build up my endurance.


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