This week I have been

Working. So much. But that’s not really what anyone wants to hear about so here’s else I have been up to:


I have speed read through not one, or two but three Harry Potter books this week. It’s just so relaxing and throughly distracting to revisit Hogwarts, even if it marred by Voldemort’s insistence on returning.

I have Hillbilly Elegy sitting next to my bed, and I’ve been meaning to read it, but I just haven’t felt like I had the brain power at the end of the day. Maybe next week.

Looking for

Shells. I used to collect buckets full of lady slippers when I was a kid at the beach. I brought every single one home with my that didn’t have a hole in it, which seemed to be most of them.

These days I’m not much better. I’ve been bringing home bags full of shells from the beach, and I still don’t know for sure what to do with them. I’ve stashed some in flower gardens, andI have a small bowl sitting on my coffee tables as I find them soothing to look at. I love how there is no reason for them to be pretty, but they are. I consider it a small sign of the goodness in the universe.

A fun surprise this week was finding some shells I hadn’t seen before inside of a sea urchin.


On Netflix, I’m watching One Day at a Time. It’s so funny and really brilliant at showing a lot of different perspectives without making anyone out to be the bad guy.

And then of course, I have been watching so much Olympics. It’s extra motivating during gym workouts, especially all the people who have come back from injuries.

Relaxing with

Essential oils and face masks.

I had an issue with week where my ear was so full of wax I had to go to the clinic and get professional help to hear again. It made me very crabby.

But I finally broke down about two weeks ago and got an essential oil diffuser. It’s magic when it come to relaxing, especially when you pair it with a facemask.

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