This week I am…

Okay, so by this week what I really mean is these past two weeks because life happens. But that just makes this post all the more interesting so here we go.

Adventuring to

The Seacrest Wolf Preserve where you can pet pure bred wolves! I am pretty sure they are the only place in the county that allow that and they just happen to be about an hour from Panama City. Eryn and I have been meaning to go for over a year.

They have a strange rule that you can only bring disposable cameras in so CVS has informed me it will be up to 14 days before I have pictures. But in the mean time, here is one of me and Buttercup the skunk. I did not realize skunks had such cute faces.

Getting Fancy For

All the girls in the office went out for a Ladies Night cocktail party last weekend, which of course triggered the “what the heck do I wear for this” question. I went shopping, nothing spoke to me so I ended up wearing a dress I wear to work all the time. But I made it “fancy” with a fake pearl headband I stole from my sister at least a decade ago. This headband – with an elastic band so stretched out it has to be bobby pinned in – is my go to fancy trick. You can see it documented in photos of several other events like this one, but IT WORKS. People always compliment despite the fact I am pretty sure it came from Claires.

The doll cannot be explained.


Argentinian Food! Eryn and I attended a cooking class and learned how to make some very cheesy crepes. They were very good and so rich. And because Eryn is drawn like a moth to light by any sort of product placement, she spent the whole time making a list of kitchen gadgets to stuff my place with.


I’m late to the party on his one, but Hillbilly Elegy. So if you haven’t heard this from 500 people yet, it’s a great read. I learned so much not only about Hillbilly culture, but also about my parents. And while I will always be a true blue democrat, I have a far better appreciation for the Republican mantra of personal responsibility and how that has to be a part of the dialogue.

Binge watching

Queer Eye. I never watched the originals but guys this show is the best. It’s basically feminism for men. Like this show is all the proof you need the men need feminism as much as women do because all these men need to turn their lives around is a small dose of things usually thought of as “female.” Rock that face mask. Care about your clothing. Spend some time designing your house. Have heart to heart conversations. It’s A+.

It has also inspired Eryn to start her own Amazon wishlist of Queer Eye product placement. If anyone wants to send us a $300 Roomba, let me know.

Heading outside to

Kayak! Still inspired by Pocahontas, Eryn and I had a blast kayaking and looking for shells last week at Camp Helen State Park.

We’ve gotten much better at using our two person inflatable kayak, though we still get a lot of strange looks.

And now it’s off to the next round of adventures.

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