DIY wooden diamond planter

I was scrolling through Pinterest when I picture of this planter by Deuce Cities Hen House stopped me in my tracks. I loved the lines of it and the look of the raw wood so I figured I would try to make a version of it myself.

Like a lot of people who DIY, I wanted to modify to use mostly things I had on hand or that would fit my budget.

As is often the case when I tackle projects like this, one of the things I missed the most was my Dad’s workshop. I don’t have any fancy saws – just a cheap jig saw – and since I don’t have space for things like a workbench I end up standing outside in the flowers working off the side of my deck because it is just the right height, and sawdust friendly.

This is what you do in your 20s, right?

Either way, I really liked the results.

The wood I used is a little flimsier and the cuts aren’t quite as crisp so you can see I made a few modifications. Instead of the ring for the planter, I made a flat shelf because there was no way I was going to get the ring cut with the jigsaw. I then used a bit of strong to help balance the planter.

But overall, I really like the look of it and what’s the point of DIY if not to find ways to make things work for you?

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