The Micro Trend: The Watermelon

For the past year, the pineapple has been boss of the fruit trends — pineapple shirts, pineapple night lights, pineapple ukeleles,pineapple pinatas, etc. You name it, it has been DIYed with a pineapple motif.

Lately, though the watermelon is getting its turn in the limelight.


Here’s why the watermelon is great. One, it is easy to do (see above painting). A rounded out triangle, a swish of paint and some black dots and there it is. You have a watermelon slice. There is nothing more satisfying than a DIY you can’t screw up.

Here are some of my favorite projects from around the web.

All about this stamped doormat made from a sponge. Get the project here

Or how about this super cute umbrella from Studio DIY.

If you like to wear your DIYs and aren’t afraid of color try these.

A DIY for how to make a watermelon tote bag in French. But the pictures are pretty obvious.

And if you want to drink your watermelon, but a your watermelon cocktail in a watermelon keg.

DIY Tin Can Candles

Once upon a time, I was nice and decided to buy my dog wet food. The result was a a happy, fat, spoiled cocker spaniel and a lot of tin cans sitting around the apartment that I was trying to come up with a use for.

Then it hit me, candles.

DIY Tin Can Candles

After a good scrubbing that involved some bleach to get rid of any dog food smell, I set out to make Grapefruit Fir candles and Lavender Rose Candles.

I used tin cans, this soy candle wax, candle wicks, grapefruit essential oil, fir essential oil, and grapefruit zest for the Grapefruit Fir. For the Lavender Rose, I used rose oil from the candle section at Walmart, crushed rose petals and crushed lavender leaves.

Making them turned out to be pretty easy. I melted the wax in my toaster oven (I don’t own a microwave) stirring occasionally. Be prepared for the wax to melt down a lot. It took two bowls to fill the tin cans.


Then mix in your fragrances. I used about 12 drops of grapefruit oil and 3 drops of fir per bowl for the candle. And about 15 drops of rose.


While the picture doesn’t show this, I found it worked better to mix in the solid objects — leaves petals and zest — in the tin can once the wax started to cool a bit to keep it all from sinking to the bottom. I don’t have an exact recipe for how much of the zest or petals to add. For the lavender, I recommend using the leaves off of 2 sprigs and chopping it down.

From there, you pour it in and let it cool. Be sure to offer your wick some support or it will end up crooked like mine.


I had made this little watercolor labels the day before to dress them up a little bit.


So I just glued them on and tied it off with a string. And they were good to go. These are super easy to make and the possibilities for scents and containers are endless.



DIY Flower Crowns and Florence Welch

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, my best friend had front row tickets to a Florence and the Machine concert, and I said you know what would be cool if you wore a real flower crown. And she said you know what would be better if I gave Florence Welch a flower crown (mostly because flowers aren’t her “aesthetic.”

So we went and picked all the daisies and wildflowers we could find, and made our first two floral crowns ever.

This is what happened to the first one.


That’s the lead singer of the opening act Empress Of.

And this is what happened to the second one!


Cue moment of triumph. She wore it. During the song Third Eye no less, which we had a half hour conversation about in the office earlier that day.

This success, of course, led to a flower crown rampage, with three people coming over two nights later to make more than a dozen crowns for my sister’s graduation party. The blondie is my sister several hours into her party.


Less wilted…






They got a little wilted at the day went on. But here are some tips and tricks for how to make them.



Floral Wire

Wire Cutters or Scissors




To make:

1. Cut enough floral wire to wrap around your head about four times.

2.Using that wire make a loop that is the size you want the crown to be, then wrap the excess all the way around the loop to reinforce the base of the crown. You should have a long tail of wire when done.

3. Using that tail, secure the wildflowers to the crown in whatever pattern you like. Place the flower where you want it then wrap the wire around several times.

4. Just keep adding or subtracting flowers until you like how it looks.




Some tips.

1. Doing a round of spray flowers (stalks with a lot of little tiny flowers first) helped to fill in the crowns and hide the wire later.

2. My favorite crowns were the ones where I wasn’t too picky about what flowers went where, and instead just loaded them up with a whole bunch of big colorful blooms.

3. They are eventually going to wilt. But to make them last a little longer it helps to put the flowers in water before making them and then afterwards to wrap the crowns in a damp paper towel, bag them, and then keep them in the fridge.


So here’s me looking more than a little scary after making more crowns than I care to count. And also a couple of glasses of champagne.



Here’s my sleepy pup with one of a couple of crowns I made her. I used a basic hair clip to keep them on her head awhile longer.




Brimfield Flea Market

While shopping at Brimfield Antique Market this year, my mother and I cam up with a new slogan for the affair after watching a lady walk down the street cradling a mermaid statue in her arms.

“Anything’s possible here. Buy what you love.”

I mean, where else can you find this?


Three times a summer, the otherwise sleepy farm town of Brimfield transforms itself into what is most likely the biggest flea market in New England. It’s known to be frequented by people like Martha Stewart and art directors for just about every show on television, the city people coming in from Boston and New York City looking for a deal, and then just about everybody else in the area.

I’ve gone at least once a year since middle school. When I was a kid, I stuck to the $1 to $15 jewelry, amassing quite a collection of cameos I never wore. Now, I’m in it for the big stuff. My best find to date is my kitchen table, a white, vintage tulip table I grabbed for $45. It’s one of my prized possessions.

At the first show of the year, I stuck to smaller things: a few air plants (4 for $10), a new bedspread (gifted from mumsie – thank you!) and an embroidered hand towel ($3).





Here’s a look at some of the other cool booths that were floating around this market….

This booth was super well styles and these rugs were too cute.



They day after Brimfield, I saw someone post on Instagram talking about how they wished they had bought this top globe.

This booth was so cool. It wasn’t all vintage, but everything was so well styled you almost didn’t care. The people running it had that laid back, tattooed vibe
traveling spectacular



There was a lot (like a lot) of mid century modern stuff floating around, not that I’m complaining. These chairs were a really unique twist on the trend. The sellers had reupholstered the classic shape, and they were just really interesting to look at.


The of course there was the mish mash of other stuff.




Pretty, Free Hand Lettered Fonts

It stated when I said to myself “hey, I want to make a quote poster.” Then I remembered my handwriting isn’t all that great. Six hours later I have compiled a list of eight free fonts that would look good on a wall.  Now, I just need to find a quote.

free handlettering fonts1


Jack Black | Great Vibes | Hard Candy | Mahogany Script | Respective | Rochester | Satisfy | Painted

Bonus, the watercolor backdrop on the graphic came from here




Taking Branding Off of Mugs

Once upon a time, I was at a work event and given these free mugs. They were nice heavy mugs, with a black and white speckle I associated with camping. They also, unfortunately, had a bright red paw print on them. So I started thinking about easy ways to remove the offending red.

Great Wolf Mug

It didn’t take long before I realized removing it was going to be even easier than taking care of my chipping nail polish. All I needed was a little steel wool.

And then it was ready to go.

I like it so much better this why. Perfect for hot chocolate after playing in the snow.

10 Free Downloads for Your Gallery Wall

10 gallery wall downloads

While it is rather easy to find fun quotes for a gallery wall, today I learned it is far, far harder to find free, downloadable images. So here’s a wrap up of my top 10 favorites from around the web.

To find them go to:

1. Ampersand from Smitten on Paper

2. Best Friends by the Weaver House for Design Love Fest

3. Feather Prints from Oh So Lovely

4. Pineapple from Oh So Lovely

5. I like boring things from A Beautiful Mess

6. Deer from Oh So Lovely

7. Compass from the Graphic’s Fairy

8. Running on the Beach by Max Wanger for Design Love Fest

9. Popsicles by Julie Song for Design Love Fest

10. Florals by Julie Song for Design Love Fest

DIY: Anthropologie Inspired PomPom Curtains

Like so many people, I have an Anthropologie problem: I love just about everything they make, but can’t afford it.

Such was the tale of these curtains.

Photo from Anthropologie website.

Photo from Anthropologie website.

See, I was in need of curtains for my closet. In a moment of pure frustration, I had ordered my boyfriend to take the doors off my closet. My closet had those sort of folding doors that jut out from the wall, and — due to some not so well thought out architecture —in front of both the bedroom door and bathroom door when open.

My crisis situation

My crisis situation

Which brings us back to the curtains. Due to the harvest yellow color of my bathroom, I decided I wanted the hallway to remain all white, but I wanted the pompom detail. This is what I did (with the help of my mother):

1. 2 Cheap Floor Length (i.e. 84 in) curtains from K-MART $9 a piece
2. 8 yards of white pompom trim from Joann Fabrics (it was on sale and in stock)
3. A sewing machine with white thread


From there, my mother just aligned the trim with the edge of the curtains, and carefully sewed it to the edge of the curtain. It took her about 15 minutes to do each curtain since it was just a straight line. She didn’t even use pins. She’s a champ like that.

She's so good she doesn't even need pins

She’s so good she doesn’t even need pins

From there, all I had to do was hang them when I arrived back at my apartment.


IMG_20150119_220523901 (1)

Hanging curtains

Prickly Pig + Tips for Planting Cacti

My grandfather at the age of 86 has finally — after years and years of my mother asking — decided to move out of his house and into my parent’s house. This is a giant relief for many, many reasons.

It also means it is time to clean out his house, an old victorian that has stayed in the family for generation (we are talking more than 100 years) plus a barn. Both these space are full of stuff, neither of these places have ever been cleaned out. So far I’ve found three bowling balls, at least a half dozen tables I did not know existed, a vintage juicer and so many mouse nests.

There’s a lot of junk, but mixed in with it you’ll find a little treasurer here and there. For example, mixed in with the politically incorrect planters and ceramics-gone-wrong projects of the 80s, I found this little guy.

Prickly Pig

I call him prickly pig. The smile is pretty happy, but those eyebrows suggest something slightly more menacing. Hence, the prickly.

Not feeling very creative, I decided to give him a cactus for a back.

A prickly bag for a prickly pig

Some tips for someone looking to plant a cactus.

1. Wear gloves. Those needles hurt when you prick yourself.

2. Have toothpicks or tweezers on hand to pick the dirt out from between the needles. Since cactus use this big chunky dirt to help with the drainage, some of it is bound to get stuck in the needles.

3. Use a popsicle stick, a pencil, really anything long and narrow to help push the dirt into the pot. Especially if it is oddly shaped like this one.

Now, where to put him is the next question.


And if you were wondering, that yellow cloth — also from my grandfather’s house. Oh, and there are way, way more of these little pots.

Shelves of pots

Hi There!

Fancy CandleSo if you are looking at this page, right now, on day one, you will notice that it is a mess. There’s just nothing pretty about it.

But don’t worry. I am basically giving myself a crash course in how to make things look pretty. We are talking a little bit of CSS coding, a refresher on copy right law and a heck of a lot of Pintrest.

In the meantime, isn’t this candle pretty? I finally got around to using a Williams & Sonoma gift card. It smells nice and clean too.