DIY: Anthropologie Inspired PomPom Curtains

Like so many people, I have an Anthropologie problem: I love just about everything they make, but can’t afford it.

Such was the tale of these curtains.

Photo from Anthropologie website.

Photo from Anthropologie website.

See, I was in need of curtains for my closet. In a moment of pure frustration, I had ordered my boyfriend to take the doors off my closet. My closet had those sort of folding doors that jut out from the wall, and — due to some not so well thought out architecture —in front of both the bedroom door and bathroom door when open.

My crisis situation

My crisis situation

Which brings us back to the curtains. Due to the harvest yellow color of my bathroom, I decided I wanted the hallway to remain all white, but I wanted the pompom detail. This is what I did (with the help of my mother):

1. 2 Cheap Floor Length (i.e. 84 in) curtains from K-MART $9 a piece
2. 8 yards of white pompom trim from Joann Fabrics (it was on sale and in stock)
3. A sewing machine with white thread


From there, my mother just aligned the trim with the edge of the curtains, and carefully sewed it to the edge of the curtain. It took her about 15 minutes to do each curtain since it was just a straight line. She didn’t even use pins. She’s a champ like that.

She's so good she doesn't even need pins

She’s so good she doesn’t even need pins

From there, all I had to do was hang them when I arrived back at my apartment.


IMG_20150119_220523901 (1)

Hanging curtains

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