5 houseplants with stunning pink leaves

I love houseplants. I love the color pink. And, when you put the two together, I’m sold. So of course, I have a small collection and a wish list (looking at you Pink Princess). Here are six houseplants with stunning pink leaves.

Variegated Rubber Tree

Variegate Rubber Tree has patches of pink in it’s leaves.

One of my local plant shops kindly tracked this one down for me. It had light pink patches all throughout it’s leaves that make it a knock out.

Tricolor calathea

Tricolor calathea | MostlyMinted.com

This has long striped pink leaves and is a pretty hardy calathea. Keep the soil moist and the light indirect, and it’s a pretty happy guy.

Pink polka dot plant

Pink polka dot plant | MostlyMinted.com

This is a fun little plant that likes bright to medium light. Sometimes the spots are much smaller, but other times they basically cover the leaves like in this one.

Pinstripe Calathea

Pinstripe calathea | MostlyMinted.com

Another calathea because they are just a knockout variety if what you are looking for is foliage that is as pretty as a flower. The Pinstripe plant has lovely pink stripes running across the leaves.

Confetti Arrowhead plant

Confetti Arrowhead Plant | MostlyMinted.Com

This one is a particularly fun one as it’s a fast grower and every leaf is so different than the last. I keep one in a small pot on my dining room table and love watching it grow.

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