Calathea Identification: 5 popular varieties

It was love at first leaf. Ever since I saw the first pictures of a calathea with it’s fancy leaf patterns, I knew I had to have one.

And then one led to two, and then three, and now I have a quite a few. The fancy leaf patterns make them fun to collect, and while they are a little fussier than some plants, they’re pretty easy as long as you keep them watered. (Pro tip: Vintage Revival’s tip to bottom water was a game changer.)

Without further ado, here are five types of calathea.

Prayer Plant – Maranta

A Maranta, also known as a prayer plant. | Mostly Minted

This is the type of prayer plant you are most likely to see in your grocery store, but there is a trick to it. Technically, it’s not a calathea. It’s a Maranta, which as the Sunday Gardner explains very well, is not a calathea but is closely related to them. I put it in the “close enough to make this list” category. The deep pink veins on the leaves are the main indicator.

Pinstripe Plant

The pink stripes on the leaves are how Pinstripe Plants get their names. | Mostly Minted

If you love pink, this is the plant for you. The delicate pink striping on the leaves are where this calathea get its name and its good looks from.

Tricolor Calathea

The tricolor calathea grows long pink, white and green leaves.

Another one for the pink lover, the tricolor calathea’s leaves have big patch of pink, white and green on them. No two leaves look exactly alike.

Rattlesnake Plant

Rattlesnake Plant’s leaves have a distinctive spot pattern. | Mostly Minted

The distinctive dark green dot pattern on this plant is the best way to tell it apart from others. It’s a stunner.

Beauty Star

The Beauty Star has leaves that go from light green to dark green with white stripes. | Mostly Minted

The Beauty Star is a very handsome plant. The leaves go from light green to dark green with white stripes running through them.

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